How To Stop Wolf Stove From Clicking

May 13, 2022

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A stove is another option for you to use in cooking your favorite food. You can choose from different types and designs which could provide you with the best cooking experience. Even a high-end appliance can still have some issues with its functionality. When this happens, you would like to find out the reasons for malfunctioning cooktop.

There are different reasons for the cooktop to have some faulty issues. It could be defective parts or poor maintenance of the cooktop. But, there are times when the problem with the cooktop needs a professional repair. Wolf Appliance Repair in Pasadena provides a comprehensive Wolf Stove Repair. No matter what the issue could be, the team can help you anytime needed.

One of the issues you might encounter with your stove is clicking, which is commonly happening on its burners. You might constantly hear a clicking sound. Different factors cause the stove to keep clicking. Dirty burners are often the reason for the issue to happen. You might wonder why your stove keeps on clicking. This issue can be due to excess moisture to defective components and here are how you can stop it from happening.

Need To Clean the Stove Burner

  • Food particles, grease, and spills can clog the igniter and the burner ports. This will also prevent the gas from flowing or igniting. If the gas stove won’t stop clicking, it is also possible that the debris has already interfered with the ignition system. You will need to clean the stove thoroughly by removing the blockages and ensuring that they can flow and ignite.

Need to Realign the Burner Cap

  • The burner cap is the flat piece atop the burner that evenly distributes the heat. It can be easily misaligned if it is banged with a heavy pot or replaced after maintenance. If the stove burner keeps clicking even if it is turned off, the cap may be resting on the igniter resulting in a clicking sound. To fix this, you will need to realign the burner cap.

Moisture Around The Stove Igniters

  • If the stove keeps clicking after a recent cleaning or spill, there is probably residue moisture around the igniter and the burner ports. The remaining dampness can prevent the igniter from sparking and lighting the gas. You can fix this by air-drying the stove to dispel the moisture.

Defective Burner Component

  • Wondering why your gas stove keeps on clicking even after checking? A defective burner component can cause it. Professional repair service must address the defective burner parts to ensure it is properly checked and fixed.

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You must address this right away to ensure no other issues when it comes to the stove problems. To help you fix the stove issues, contact Wolf Appliance Repair Pros to schedule an appointment for repair.