Reason for Gas Range Oven Preheat Indicator Light Flashing

April 19, 2022

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The oven is another cooking appliance now often used by many households. There is a lot of food made to be cooked using the said appliance. Nowadays, there are a lot of appliance brands available in the market that offer quality home and kitchen appliances. Wolf appliances offer different cooking appliances such as Wolf induction ranges.

This cooking appliance is built to last and has innovative features and stylish designs, making it a lot more convenient to use. But, there are some instances that you will also face some problems with the appliance. Although it rarely happens, this indicates that some of its parts are faulty and need immediate Range repair services. Fortunately, Wolf appliance repair pros in Irvine are always available to help you. Whenever you experience a problem with your Wolf range, you can refer to the professionals to ensure that it is properly handled and have it working right away.

There are a lot of possible issues that you may encounter with your Wolf range oven, and one of these is when its preheat indicator lights keep on flashing. The oven preheats indicator light on a Wolf range lights up while the oven is calling for preheating. It will turn off when the oven is not calling for heat or has already reached the set temperature. The oven indicator light cycles on and off as the thermostat will need more heat to maintain the set temperature.

Notice your gas range oven preheat light indicator is flashing even after it has reached its set temperature. This can be due to loose wiring to the oven indicator light, or it is possible that the oven indicator light went bad. Whenever you notice that the indicator light flashes repeatedly or it cycles on and off quickly, the flame is already lost and won’t be able to reignite. You can do the following steps:

  1. Turn the oven selector bezel off.
  2. Reset the oven’s power at the circuit breaker.
  3. Test the unit’s operation while ensuring that the oven door is tightly closed.

If the preheat indicator light continues to flash after the steps, consider an expert repair technician to diagnose and repair the oven. You can refer this to Wolf Appliance Repair Pros to quickly, efficiently and effectively do the needed repair for your appliance.

Whenever you use the gas range oven, it is important to preheat it to ensure that it reaches the desired temperature for proper cooking of the food. You will know that it is in a good preheating phase due to its indicator light. But, when it seems to be flashing all the time, it indicates that there is a problem.

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