Wolf Range Igniter Is Clicking Constantly: Why Is It Happening and How Can You Fix It

April 6, 2022

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When your range suddenly has strange clicking sounds, there might be a problem with this mechanism. But, sometimes strange clicking sounds are not a serious problem. To know if the clicking sound is serious, you’ll need to contact Wolf Appliance Repair Experts in Orange, offering Range appliance repair services.

You can also figure out the problem on your own. Learn why your range is producing clicking sounds and how you can fix it before getting the help of Wolf Appliance Repair Experts in Orange.

1. Food debris is clogging your range ignition system.

Food remnants and debris can enter your range ignition system and clog it. This problem will cause your range to make a clicking sound when you try to turn it on. To remove the blockage inside the ignition system, you can do the following steps:

    • First, disconnect your stove from its power source. This step is a safety precaution to avoid accidents. 
    • Next, remove the stove’s burner cap to access the igniter. 
    • You can clean around the igniter using a small brush. Use toothpicks or small paper clips to clean the burner holes and remove blockages. 
    • Using a q-tip and rubbing alcohol, remove hard-to, scrub grime around the burners and igniter.
    • Once you are satisfied with the results, you can place back the burner cap and turn on the stove.

If you tried restarting the stove and there are no clicking sounds, you’ve fixed the problem. If the sound is still there, you can now proceed with the next step.

2. There is moisture present around the igniter.

Moisture will block the spark of the igniter, making it impossible to start a fire. Moisture can come from food spills that are not wiped off dry right away or cleaning solutions left when you clean your range.

    • Turn off the range and unplug it from its power source. 
    • Remove burner caps and knobs to properly wipe the range dry. 
    • Lift the stovetop if your stove model allows. This way, you can wipe every inch of your range, eliminating unwanted moisture.
    • Use tissue paper to wipe the range dry and let it air dry until no moisture is left. If you want a faster drying process, you can use a fan. 
    • Once the range is dry, place the burner caps and knobs in their original position. 
    • Plugin the range and turn it on to check if the igniter is working properly.

3. A broken or damaged part in your stove causes a clicking sound.

If you’ve cleaned, dried, and removed blockages from your stove and the clicking sound is still present, your stove has a broken or defective part. It will be a lot of work to find out which part the problem is, so you’ll need to get to each part and inspect them thoroughly.

    • Faulty spark module – the spark module is responsible for creating the spark which allows the fire to start. If the spark module is defective, you will likely hear a clicking sound. A faulty spark module will need to be replaced to ensure that your stove works properly again.
    • Broken spark ignition switch – the spark ignition switch is responsible for providing the right amount of electricity to the spark module. If this part is broken, your spark module won’t produce enough spark to light your burner. Therefore, you’ll need to replace the spark ignition switch immediately.

Remember to always ask for a professional’s help to determine the cause of the problem, especially if you are in unfamiliar territory. Wolf Appliance Repair Experts is a tried and trusted appliance repair company that ensures your Wolf units are working all the time flawlessly.

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